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Travel The Magical Land of Seven Sisters

North East Travel Deals considered the majestic North East region of India, worldly famous for its incredible beauty. This part of India is known as Seven sister states because these states do have similarity in their geographical way.   
The name of seven sister states are The Alluring “Arunachal
Pradesh”, Awesome “Assam”, Mesmerizing “Meghalaya”, Mysterious “Manipur”, Magical “Mizoram”, Natural “Nagaland”,   Tranquil “Tripura”
The North East has over 2000 kilometers border with Bhutan, China, Myanmar and Bangladesh and the northeastern states are connected with its own country by a narrow 20-kilometer wide corridor.
North Eastern states of India have distinct cultures and traditions. It is prominent for its magical views and bewildering diversity. North East India is state of 166 separate tribes with different tongues.
Its forest is green and dense; the lushness of this panoramic landscape, diversity between communities and ecology makes the Northeast different from rest of the subcontinent.
Each state of North Eastern India is traveler’s paradise, with picturesque hills. 
The states provide a wide scope for angling, boating, rafting, trekking, and hiking Numbers of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, will definitely give a fascinating insight to the visitors.

Attractions That Come Under North East Travel Deals

Heart taking Views, senetic environment, this is what you expect from the northeast. It has a lot of destinations but we sorted out most popular and most visited one for you. Kaziranga National Park declared heritage site by UNESCO is a very famous attraction of the state. And it is the home to one-horned rhinos which attract tourists from all over the world. Largest Monastery, Tawang Monastery is located in Arunachal Pradesh It is famous for its night beauty one must visit it in full moon. Monastery has around 850 sculptures to admire.
The area Cherapunji gets heavy rainfall who finds rains amazing they must visit this place.
Echoing Nathu La Pass is one of the most visited places by tourist the name of the pass translates to “listening ears.” trek on the pass gives an invigorating feeling to visitors. Siang River Rafting is a major attraction for tourists it is a tributary of the Brahmaputra River. Even, you can include these all attractions in your Honeymoon Travel Packages for North East.
The weirdness of things excite people, if you are in those folk you could plan to visit the Shilloi lake of Nagaland it has an interesting story and so other fascinating customs are associated with it.
For spiritual thirst, one could take a trip to Shri Govindajee temple.  it is believed that be presence in temple make you free any guilt feeling.

Lohtak Lake

Nambol, Manipur, India, Asia

Lohtak Lake

Special North East Travel Deals

The whole reason of northeast is alluring in itself and if you want to get there, we are here to help you in every manner. Our team of intellectuals plans the packages for tourists, according to their estimated budget and if in case you don’t want to take any Holiday Travel Packages for North East or don’t want to visit any state we like to exclude that from your package…
You could become our pal in your journey or in the whole trip, it is up to you. If you have your own arrangements of staying you only want to travel with us we would be your best ever traveling partner. Same applies on staying with us too, give us chance and feel the gesture which we provide our travelers.

Activities Which Cover in Northeast Travel Deal

Northeast is famous for its vast horizon. It gives room to tourists to enjoy the thrilling experiences of the region. Thrilling river rafting in Teesta and Paragliding and Hang Gliding is also quite famous in the Eastern state. If one wants to take a heart throbbing view of landscapes from the sky it would be an amazing destination for such travelers. There are many romantic activities that you can optimize in your North East Holiday Tour & Travel Packages as you can do street walking in the lap of nature, boating with your partner and much more.
Rock climbing is also in one of the activities people are ready to die for but before this shot, you have to be well equipped and need some handy training as well.
Trekking in Sikkim and other regions of the state is an everlasting affair.
Safari of Yak could also be fascinating for those who love to do some thrilling along with the funny activity. Seeing the beauty of states from the idol height you must visit North-east region of India where you'll get the lovely yak safari along with the beautiful nature.  There are so many exciting rides provided by tourism departments and other planners that we involved in our Cheap North East Travel  Deals.
The state is popular for water sport and adventure facilities for kayaking, water cycling, scooting and boating. The state is so vivid when it comes to shopping, for those who have love of woodwork and have a great sense of interior decoration for them it is the best place to shop.

Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, India, Asia

Sela Lake and Pass

Gangtok, Sikkim, India, Asia

Cable Car ride

Gangtok, Sikkim, India, Asia

Rumtek Monastery

North East - Giving You All Pure from Ages

Vibrant view, pure air, and natural escape, North East Travel Deals are capable of giving you best therapy from hectic and stressful life. Nature and self-lovers should plan this trip to get back to their lives with an abundance of joy and ever flowing positive energy.